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What a cool simple product! I was losing money trading stocks with a different stock charting software for a little over year to which cost $3000, but now my confidence is high learning your trading setups and I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks!


I am very happy to have received a link for this site from a friend of mine. The main guy at this company Dan was very helpful once I got the software, they offer full support and I am finally figuring out how to be a better trader.


Very profitable little piece of software this is, I will tell people straight up that there is no sure thing when it comes to trading success. The individual needs to put the time in to learn the system and follow it consistently and if they do this they can be successful no question. Thanks!


Being new to trading I was looking for something that was low cost with great rewards which could maybe get me over the hump to profitability. I have read that in a traders career you usually lose for a while then learn to break even and then you start to profit at a more consistent basis. I am happy to say that I am closer to my goal. Awesome!


Having spent over five thousand dollars on stock analysis software and other stock market courses I started to trade futures intra-day. I was doing well but began to lose more consistently after several months. I learned of this company and have always been interested in SimpleTRADES so I began talks with them on how it works and results etc. So now I am feeling like this Five hundred was better then the thousands I spent previously. So far it looks good!


Very helpful nice people with this company. I told them I was new to trading and they gave me great advice in that sometimes being new is better because they are not coming in with bad trading habits from before. Thought that made some sense so anyway I started using their product and within the last few months I am making profits at a consistent basis. Sweet stuff!


I was skeptical at first mostly because your price was so cheap and for what it said it could do. But now I am very impressed and am thankful I took the plunge. Very nice!


SimpleTRADES is a good product for the money for sure! I am happy with how easy it is to use and so far I am doing quite well with trading otc penny stocks. I would recommend this to anyone who is starting out or even to someone who has been trading for longer as well. Thanks!


Your trading indicators and course has really opened my eyes to the shorting aspect of stock trading. I was always a long only trader but I see how well it picks the short positions. In this day and age to be a good trader you really have to discover the shorting side of things. Best regards!


I lost over 100k in the stock market crash of 2008 because I did not know how to read a stock chart. Daniel taught me simple techniques that would have not only prevented losing the 100k but also how I could have profited from the crash. The price of this software and stock market course is dirt cheap for how valuable the information is.