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Pattern Recognition

Our Pattern Recognition Software Scans Thousands of Stocks

How it works

With the Pattern Recognition Software I will show you the 4 steps

Step ONE

Be able to filter through thousands of stocks only highlighting the best

With our pattern recognition software, you will be able to scan through thousands of stocks, currencies and commodities every day and have the ability to find the best and most reliable trading setups.

The custom indicators and algorithms in this package are the best of the best out of hundreds that I have developed over the last 10 years.

Step TWO

Learn how to read any chart on the highest of levels

Once the scanner finds you stocks, you then need to be able to read if the chart is showing a high probability for success. We will teach you how to tell which stock, currency or commodity has a very high chance of going up or down.

By combining the pattern recognition software, with the skills to be able to read any chart, you can be on your way to becoming confident and consistent with your trades and investments.


Having a plan may be the most important step

A business idea without a business plan will reduce your chances of the business becoming successful.

With trading and investing, it is important that once you locate a high-probability opportunity, you then start to plot and plan the trade.

Do you have an idea on where a price target or a stop-loss should go?

You need a plan, and our web indicator you see in the picture to the right will pick your price targets and stops for you.


How to enter a trade and manage it

Once all steps above are complete, you must know how to enter a position and how to manage it.

You will learn the best time to enter a trade and, most importantly, when not to enter.

Once you have taken a position, we can’t always just rely on it ether hitting our stop-loss or our target we set.

There are times when we will need to exit early or change our stops and targets. I will show you when this is the case and how to implement.

Do you want a software that picks the best breakouts on stocks for you?

The software will scan and look for best breakout patterns on any Stock, Forex, Index or commodity.

There are patterns that happen over and over in trading and some are more consistently reliable than others. The pattern recognition software will only alert you to the most consistently reliable trading setup patterns.

Once you are able to consistently scan for these reliable trading patterns on a regular basis your confidence will be sky high.

The benefits to Pattern Recognition Software

  • Because the same patterns happen over and over in trading it only makes sense to have software that scans and highlights the patterns that are known to be consistently reliable which makes trading much easier.
  • Struggling with trading consistency while having to rely on lagging technical indicators only leads to more frustration. Our software will take the guesswork out of trading.
  • Pattern recognition is the future of trading. We know technical indicators lag behind the market—when an indicator is telling you to buy, it may already be too late. With pattern recognition, you will receive alerts at optimum breakouts at the perfect times.
  • I use pattern recognition techniques, and I have been trading and investing for over 18 years. Many traders’ selling indicators and trading courses do not use their own products or even trade on the markets. I believe it is key for me to sell only products and techniques that I personally use.
Very profitable little piece of software this is, I will tell people straight up that there is no sure thing when it comes to trading success. The individual needs to put the time in to learn the system and follow it consistently and if they do this they can be successful no question. Thanks!


Being new to trading I was looking for something that was low cost with great rewards which could maybe get me over the hump to profitability. I have read that in a traders career you usually lose for a while then learn to break even and then you start to profit at a more consistent basis. I am happy to say that I am closer to my goal. Awesome!


Having spent over five thousand dollars on stock analysis software and other stock market courses I started to trade futures intra-day. I was doing well but began to lose more consistently after several months. I learned of this company and have always been interested in SimpleTRADES so I began talks with them on how it works and results etc. So now I am feeling like this Five hundred was better then the thousands I spent previously. So far it looks good!


Very helpful nice people with this company. I told them I was new to trading and they gave me great advice in that sometimes being new is better because they are not coming in with bad trading habits from before. Thought that made some sense so anyway I started using their product and within the last few months I am making profits at a consistent basis. Sweet stuff!


Here’s What Is Included…

Our Pattern Recognition Software

I will set you up with my pattern recognition software and all the same indicators I personally use. The software itself is based on the NinjaTrader platform. To get started, please download the FREE version of NinjaTrader 7 Here

Weekly Videos using the Software

Every week, I upload new videos showing how to use the pattern recognition software and potentially pick out breakout leads on all stocks, forex pairs, indexes such as the S&P 500, Nasdaq, Dow Jones, and finally, commodities such as crude oil, gold, and natural gas.

Full One-On-One Setup

Working one-on-one with someone and providing a full installation of the software is a key part of our business model. Most companies will provide you with a video or maybe some written material on how to setup and use their products. We believe in our products, so we feel it is important to guide you through this process and be there to answer any questions you may have.

Own the Software for Life

Our software comes with a one-time-only fee, and you will get to use it for life. Think about that for a second. For only $999—the cost of an average size flat-screen TV—you will own our pattern recognition software, which will scan and highlight all the trading opportunities on any stock, forex, index or commodity.

Money Back Guarantee

We stand by our product and are so confident in how great our pattern recognition software is that we will offer you a 14-day money-back guarantee. You can purchase with confidence.

Full Support

We will provide full support and be available to answer your questions in a timely manner.

I believe it is key to only sell products and techniques that I personally use.

The Pattern Recognition Software can give you great confidence in all your trading and investing decisions.
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All for Only $999!

14-day money-back guarantee

What is included:

All for Only $999!

 The software

 The full setup

 New weekly videos

Full access to trading videos

14-day money-back guarantee

Plus a bonus worth $500

Sale Price $999 regular price $1299 (Save $300)

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