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SimpleTRADES Pattern Recognition Software alerts you to the most profitable trading opportunities on any Stock, Forex pair or Commodity. It even works for penny stocks like this cannabis stock.

Let’s look further in to this trade alert.

Cannabis Stock (OWCP) alert on our Pattern Recognition

A volume spike, high breakout, uptrend, DEMA, long and bull signals caused the alert. These are all indicators that you will learn and become acquainted with to help you find the most consistently profitable trades. This alert almost doubled our profits in one day.

Cannabis Stock (OWCP) chart breakdown

An alert by our Pattern Recognition software highlighted this chart. By using the methods taught during our extensive course, which includes over 20 hours of educational video, you too will be able to identify this highly profitable trade setup and then have the knowledge and confidence to benefit massively.

Entry and Exit Software

One of the main issues with other trading and investing courses or software is that they don’t show you when to buy and sell at the optimum time. Our entry and exit software picks great entry and exit points that will then provide you the ultimate confidence when looking to enter a trade.

The end result

This trade worked perfectly from the initial scan and chart analysis through to trade execution and exit. The one-day result was an almost 100% return on the initial investment and just under a $10,000 profit. Trades like this are not uncommon. All that is required is to learn the process.

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