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Here is your opportunity to promote our Stock Analysis Software and get paid a percent of the selling price. In this case the share is a 40% split. You will make 40% or 200$ per sale.

This software is very low priced at only $499 and will be raised on a regular basis which will increase the amount you can make.

A lot of competitors offer trading software for thousands of dollars so this offer has the opportunity to sell more volume which means you can make more than promoting an expensive product.

The main perk to signing up and becoming an affiliate is I am a legit 20 year trading pro who has been creating real indicators and strategies for the stock market the last ten years. This Stock Analysis Software is the last 10 years of my best indicators and strategies.

You want to make sure the person you are promoting their products are legit and real ( majority of the company’s selling trading products online are very sketchy) so here are some places where you can see profiles on me along with reviews.



To all new affiliates I will personally arrange a one-on-one share screen showing you how great the software works so you know you are promoting a real product that can help individuals and not just some scam product. I want you to promote the product with the respect my hard work and quality products deserve.

Here is how it works.

You sign up below or here

You will receive a personal link after signup that you will use when promoting the software

You will need a paypal account for me to send your payments to.

You will be able to track your sales in our backoffice.


Ways to promote

        1. Use your personal link and promote on social media. Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram
        2. If you a have a blog you can write about the software and use your link to send traffic to the site
      1. Use banners or ads if you have a website and promote this way ( Our marketing package comes with 5 banner sizes you can use)
      2. Craigslist is a great way to use your link to send traffic to the site. (We will send you craigslist ads you can try out)
      3. Make videos on youtube and promote your link
      4. Promote on stock market related forums. We will provide lists to try.

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