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About SimpleTRADES

My name is Dan Charles and I am the trading mastermind and trading software developer behind simpletrades.net. I have come up with a trading and investing style that is different from what others are doing today and it has given me much success in my trading career. Many of today’s stock market courses and trading software packages do NOT work and will only cost you more time and money while you search for an investment strategy that works for you. I launched simpletrades.net to help novice traders become consistently profitable while limiting technical indicators and focusing more on price action.

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My personal story

My foray into the world of investment trading began in the late nineties, right around the time of the dot-com bust and in the internet boom. I was passionate about the stock market; reading charts and analyzing the data was what made me tick. I decided to make trading my career and in 2000 I began my CSC, with my first course in trading and technical analysis beginning in 2002. It wasn’t until a year later, in 2003, that I started trading and investing in start-up mining companies and small caps. This gave me the basic foundation to what would be a very successful trading career and prepared me for futures trading and trading in large cap stocks in 2007.

Upon seeing the devastation that 2008 and the stock market crash brought, I began developing my own personal set of strategies with their own, unique custom indicators. This brought me great success and I began to develop it even further, making it simpler and much easier to understand. From 2010 until the present day, I have developed my Market Scanner and trading courses and launched SimpleTrades as a way to teach individuals real techniques that actually work. My mission was to make something that is easy to learn and much less expensive and more effective than anything else available. By teaching people my techniques, I can make a positive difference in their lives and give them the ability to lead themselves to future success.

Simpletrades.net offers this custom software that can help you make money trading right out-of-the-box. Whether you have no trading experience and are just starting out, or you have been a trader for a while and still haven’t found a reliable system that works for you, our stock trading software and trading courses can help. With just a few hours of trading each day, you can earn the freedom to live your life and enjoy more time with your family. What are you waiting for? Contact me today and let’s get started!