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Our Pattern Recognition Software will alert you to the most consistently reliable trading setup patterns.

Benefit from 20 years of trading and investing experience

Over 100 Custom Trading Strategies And Indicators

Over the past decade, we have worked relentlessly to build tools and systems that consistently alert us to the best trading setups. We have extensively developed over 100 market indicators and trading strategies that remove the guessing game that some traders employ. As a result, our clients can trade with confidence.

Our cost

Most of the market scanning software available online today is not great performing, but also can be very expensive, sometimes over $5000. Our pattern recognition software is a one-time $999 fee that also comes with a 14 day money back guarantee. We also offer various trading course packages starting at only $37 one-time payment. We believe in quality education and products at an affordable price.

Why SimpleTRADES?

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Learn our Pattern Recognition Software and be able to read setups like the pros.

The only way to become a great trader is to learn from a great trader. Use our live coaching to take your skills and confidence to another level.

SimpleTRADES benefits both new investors and those struggling with trading consistency.

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