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Pattern Recognition

The future of Trading is here

Our Pattern Recognition Software will alert you to the most consistently reliable trading setup patterns.

Benefit from 20 years of trading and investing experience

Receive our best indicators and strategies

Over the past decade, we have worked relentlessly to build tools and systems that consistently alert us to the best trading setups. We have extensively developed over 100 market indicators and trading strategies. Out of the hundreds made you will receive our best of the best, which are the same one's we personally use. As a result, our clients can trade with confidence.

Our cost and service

Most of the market scanning software available online today is not great performing, but also can be very expensive, typically $5000 plus, or it may cost you hundreds every month for life. Our pattern recognition software is a one-time $999 fee for life time use.

Why SimpleTRADES?

Use our Stock Analysis Software on TradingView to find the most reliable trading setups on all stocks, cryptocurrencies, forex and more.

Learn our Pattern Recognition Software and be able to read setups like the pros

The only way to become a great trader is to learn from a great trader

SimpleTRADES benefits both new investors and those struggling with trading consistency.

Check out our Stock Analysis Software and start picking stocks today!

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Sign up for our weekly webinar, where you will learn exactly how the pattern recognition software works and how I use it to pick stocks, currencies, commodities and more on a daily and weekly basis.  As a bonus for attending the webinar you will receive access to my entire trading video catalog. This will include all my tips and tricks for picking stocks.  At the end of the webinar I will also make some stock picks that you can check my accuracy on in the days after.

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